Secondary Instrumental Music Inclusion

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Please note, some of this content was published prior to October 2022 and contains out of date language. The phrase “special needs” is no longer in current use on any of our platforms. We know that language is no substitute for action, but we hope this change will reflect our commitment to creating an inclusive environment for the communities we serve.

Secondary Instrumental Music Inclusion


Julie Duty


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ABLE Assembly Conference Session Materials


Peer mentorhsip; Individualized teaching; Performance experiences; Leadership opportunities; Lesson plans; Community building; "Bridge to friendship"

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ABLE Arts Resource Center; ABLE Assembly; Multiple Disabilities; Elementary School(K-6); Middle School (6-8); High School (9-12); Higher Education; Adult Education; Band; Orchestra; General Music; Benefits of Music; Social-Emotional Learning

Assembly Session Video Notes

Main video file contains a video of the presentation given by Julie Duty.

Secondary File Notes

Documentation contains a brochure for United Sound.

Secondary Instrumental Music Inclusion