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Please note, some items contain out of date language. The phrase “special needs” is no longer in current use within the BIAAE. We know that language is no substitute for action, but we hope this change will reflect our commitment to creating an inclusive environment for the communities we serve.




Attitudes about Persons with Disabilities: A Pilot Program, Jeanne Carrigan


Children with Disabilities Playing Musical Instruments: With the Right Adaptations and Help from Their Teachers and Parents, Students with Disabilities Can Play Musical Instruments, Kimberly McCord and Margaret Fitzgerald



Dyscalculia, Gsela M


Understanding Dyscalculia: Math Learning Disability - Child Growth, Momspresso


Dyscalculia, Pulse Center


Writing Disability Simulation (I), Stephanie Downey Toledo


Learning Disabilities Association of America, The, Learning Disabilities Association of America


Through Your Child’s Eyes, Understood For All Inc.


Arts for All Abilities Consortium: Resources, Stephen Yaffe

ABLE Assembly Conference Session Materials

Modifying and Adapting Music Education Curriculum for Students with High Support Needs, Nadia Castagna

Early Childhood Music for Students with Special Needs, Nadia Castagna and Miles Wilcox

Teaching Music Literacy Through the Guitar Elective: A Differentiated Approach, Sarah Fard

Individualized Artist Success Plan: An Asset-Based Perspective on Dis/Ability, The, Christopher Hall

Inclusion and Diversity at the University of Music and Performing Arts, Vienna (MDW): All Stars Inclusive Band, Beate Hennenberg

Blending Music and Art with Evidence-Based Practices: An Arts Education model for Students with Severe Disabilities, Kayla McLaughlin


Celebrating Neurodiversity through Musical Composition, Rory McLeod

Low-Cost Adaptive Tools & Strategies for Visual Art Teachers, Krisitn Mohan

Beyond Sensory Friendly: The Music Circle Program, Erin Parkes

From Sound to Symbol: Using Devised Notation and Composition in an Inclusive Music Classroom, Sarah Perry

Technology and Music Education What Does Literature Say?, Lisa Pierce-Goldstein

The Power of Play: Effective Strategies for Teaching Drama to Learning Challenged Populations, Shea Schatell

Song in Everything: Using Musical Improvisation to Empower Diverse Learners, Timothy Simmons

From Monograph to International Movement: Music Assisted Learning Across the Life Span for Students with Autism Spectrum and Related Disorders, Elise S. Sobol


Making Arts Programming Accessible, Kaileigh Anne Tayek

Yoda- The Youth Orchestra with Different Abilities, Sofija Zlatanova