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Please note, some items contain out of date language. The phrase “special needs” is no longer in current use within the BIAAE. We know that language is no substitute for action, but we hope this change will reflect our commitment to creating an inclusive environment for the communities we serve.




"The Big Four": Music reaching and Students with Special Needs, Alice Hammel


Maintaining Our Proud History of Teaching Music to Students with Disabilities, Alice Hammel and Alice-Ann Darrow



Differentiated Instruction and Inclusion, Vicki LaRiccia

ABLE Assembly Conference Session Materials

Emelyne Bingham: Keynote Presentation, Emelyne Bingham

Creating an Inclusive Dance Studio, Jamie Brege and Celia Watson

Modifying and Adapting Music Education Curriculum for Students with High Support Needs, Nadia Castagna

Early Childhood Music for Students with Special Needs, Nadia Castagna and Miles Wilcox

Creating Spaces So Everyone Can Participate, Rebecca Cokley


Music Literacy: Who Are We Including?, Sara Fard

At the Intersection of Culturally Responsive Teaching and Universal Design, Alicia Greene and Celia Watson

Individualized Artist Success Plan: An Asset-Based Perspective on Dis/Ability, The, Christopher Hall


CSI Drumming: Drumset Fundamentals, Gretchen Hary


Drum Set Fundamentals: Accommodations and Adaptations for Multiple Learning Styles, Gretchen Hary and Hadley Lloyd

Disability Justice in University Theatre Programs, Carson Hebblethwaite and Amanda Masterpaul


The Arts Make Education More Accessible for ALL Strategies and Techniques for Inclusion, Suzanne Joyal and Elise Sobol

Traveling Music Teacher's Toolkit, The, Marlene Markard

Exploring the Teaching Strategies and Techniques Used by Music Teachers of Students with Autism, Tomas Marquez


Celebrating Neurodiversity through Musical Composition, Rory McLeod

Learning Disabilities in Higher Education: Musical Timing Deficits and Remediation Strategies, Sara Raviotta


SingAbility: Inclusive & Elemental, Ardelle Ries and Roger Admiral


Homage à R. Murray Schafer: The SingAble Elements Fire Earth Water Air, Ardelle Ries, Roger Admiral, and Thomas Merklinger

The Power of Play: Effective Strategies for Teaching Drama to Learning Challenged Populations, Shea Schatell

It's a Wonderful World: With Music the Arts Making Life Better for All, Stephen Shore

Feeling Lost in a Sea of Accommodations, Elisabeth Staal

Quick Tips for Inclusive & Equitable Visual Arts Instruction, Lauren Stichter and Amanda Newman-Godfrey