Here you can find a list of Global Entertainment and Music Business Culminating Experience degree projects arranged by each year's graduating class. To navigate to a specific year, use the dropdown list and select an option.

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Culminating Projects from 2022

The Evolution of LATAM’s Music Streaming Market (2019 - 2021): Data & Qualitative Analysis, Jose Agüero

Business Plan for 'Koza Müzik', Hüseyin Altay Durak

Head of A&R for Disrupción Records, Tyler Appleby

The Influence of K-Pop on the Live Industry, Chloe Aquino

Exploring Fandom and it’s Rising Importance in the Music Industry, Drishti Bathija

Understanding Latin Music in the U.S.: A comparative analysis of the most popular platforms to measure success and how the A&R role influences it, Gabriel Blum

The Cyclical Act of Artist Content Burnout Since 2020, Claudia Campos Jugo

SeeMe, Julieta Carrizo

PŌC Studios - Business Plan, Rodrigo Contreras

ELEMENT Booking & Promoting agency, Shazia Custodio Riaz Iqbal

The Evolving Landscape of Sync: The Needs, Challenges, and Opportunities of New Sync Customers, Haley Davis

Sustainability at mega-festivals in Europe. The status quo & recommendations., Amaia de Roode Jauregi

The Consequence of Sound: Understanding the Environmental Impact of Record Labels in Continental Europe, Pilar Fitzgerald

Uncovered Business Plan, Joana Folgado

Traffic Jams in Tokyo, New Music on the Radio: Exporting J-Pop, Hurdles and Precedents, Brendan Gaffney

Poetic Beats: A Business Model for a South African Based Record Label and Entertainment Consultancy, Erryn Gracey

Business Plan - Music Axlerator, Hiya Gupta

INOCON22, Maria Habbouche

SWAP Music Publishing: Business Plan, Páton Hardy

INOCON '22 - Technical Manager, Tarajee Karriem

Metalive, Antonia Katcharov

Analysis of Spotify’s Podcast Play: Identifying the Opportunities and Challenges in Growing the Podcast Format, Nathaniel Klause

INOCON 2022, Ankita Elizabeth Mathew

Disability Inclusion: A Look Into Where the Music Industry Currently Stands and Where It Can Improve, Valerie Maybaum

Kumo Records: The first meta culture record label, Emma Neveux