Revibe Competition Series

Revibe Competition Series


Andres Arenas



My project was a talent finding initiative that I created and ran through our Berklee based record label Disrupción Records. It revolved around a songwriting and production competition that ran over 4 months where I invited exclusively berklee students to participate and display their best creative abilities. Throughout the competition students were also paired together as they progressed through the rounds. This facilitated with not only finding and creating new talent but helped students find new collaborators and connect the different Berklee campuses. Each round was three weeks of submission with about one week of voting. This kept things moving smoothly along with applying some real life pressure to the contestants to race a deadline, while also working with someone completely brand new. Through this process I invited industry professionals to help me judge the contestants along with acquiring sponsors and cash prizes for any winners throughout the competition. At the end of the competition, we took our winning song and are planning a final release through the label. We will be helping them with A&R, final deliverables, marketing, and support.

Publication Date



Valencia (Spain) Campus


Project Components: one reflection paper, one presentation.

Revibe Competition Series