Steps: Gamified Artist Accelerator Program

Steps: Gamified Artist Accelerator Program



This CE project is about developing an education tool adapted to the modern independent artist. I searched for the most efficient way to empower the independent artists’ community, and education has been the first and main answer that came to my mind. In this project, I developed a full business plan for an artist accelerator program that I named Steps. Steps has the potential to help thousands of artists take their music careers to the next level. My approach has been very pragmatic, learning from my own artistic experience and the artists I have worked with as well as interviewing important actors of the independent music industry sector to frame the most efficient idea possible. Berklee college of music gave me access to a huge database of knowledge that I based my program on. I took out of my own GEMB classes the most useful information, I tailored it for artists and imagined a 7-modules program to cover these notions. If the program will be enhanced in the future with the help of professional music business teachers and consultants, I believe I now have a solid basis to take as a starting point. Steps is about climbing up the stairs toward success, one step after another. This program has huge potential for profits but this is not the primary reason why I decided to develop it. If it is important to show proof of profitability to potential investors, I believe it is even more important to demonstrate real value for artists and stakeholders. Indeed, too many programs have been overpromising and charging a substantial amount of money to artists in search on guidance. Steps is not one of these. Not only will we create real value for our stakeholders but also charge lower fees than competitors, because we believe making profits with artists as partners is possible but not make money off artists' back. We will build a relationship of trust, transparency, inclusion and kindness with our artists because being an artist is one of the hardest positions in society, it requires courage, perseverance, resilience and hard work. Artists deserve the best; we will give them Steps.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus


Project Components: one outcome paper, one reflection paper, one presentation.

Steps: Gamified Artist Accelerator Program