Investment in Entertainment post-Covid

Investment in Entertainment post-Covid



After analyzing the global macroeconomic climate and entertainment industry with the aim to point out current trends that will mark business and the relationships between consumers, creatives, governments, companies, and largely the global population, a conclusion has been reached in terms of what could be one of the best mechanisms for investment in the entertainment industry for the long term. With the expectation of world economies going through a wave of inflation that will cause serious economic turmoil, along with market trends in the entertainment industry that lead us to believe that the best investments in entertainment for the long term include the following characteristics: a global perspective, market leaders, differentiated content, technology driven, sustainable, diversified and a strong balance sheet. In the other hand, investments in royalty catalogs were also analyzed in relation to the economic environment, and although the final conclusion was to not invest currently in this asset class, a market based queue to be followed for investment was found. Along with that, a top 25 list of publicly traded companies within the entertainment industry was arrived at through both technical and fundamental analysis. These companies are the most optimal for investment, according to the specified parameters within the thesis.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus


Project Components: one outcome paper, one reflection paper.

Investment in Entertainment post-Covid