Merak Ltd.: Be The Buzz!

Merak Ltd.: Be The Buzz!


Simran Doshi



My culminating experience for masters of arts in global entertainment and music business from Berklee College of music is a prospective business plan of a music supervision and sync placement company in India following a series of educational initiatives to improve awareness and knowledge about sync placements in the Indian market. An improvement in the sync and licensing market benefits several stakeholders in the music industry, such as artists, publishing houses, and production houses and supports their goals in the industry. Music licensing is an underdeveloped market in India, where normally a song only gets licensed if a script calls for it, and even after repeated attempts at changing this pattern with the help of production houses independent of the Bollywood film industry, a vast majority of the industry remains hesitant to change ways. A music supervision company, in an enormous market like India, would benefit all its stakeholders with recognition, economy, and further development of the market. A series of interviews with individuals from the Indian market with extensive knowledge in sync and music supervision were conducted as a part of market research for this business plan. While conducting the research and developing the plan, I learned about ways to introduce concepts to individuals, strategize and plan finances for a business, conduct research, create marketing plans and a business blueprint.

Publication Date



Valencia (Spain) Campus


sync and licensing; music supervision; business plan; Indian market; sync placements


Project Components: one outcome paper, one reflection paper, one presentation.

Merak Ltd.: Be The Buzz!