Indian Music Expo

Indian Music Expo


Vishruti Bindal



My CE is the business plan of a potential music export and education initiative in India. A music export office benefits all the stakeholders of the music industry, such as artists, managers and promoters, and supports their export activities. Music was first recognised as an exportable product in Asia only with the global success of K-Pop, even though European countries have successfully used and continue to use music export as a tool for soft diplomacy. An export office in as culturally rich and diverse emerging market as India would benefit the economy, create jobs and help recognise and develop the local music industry. A survey of artists and music business professionals from India was conducted, as part of my market research for this business plan. Through this research and plan, I learnt about possible ways of strategizing and funding private non-profit organisations such as the one I am aiming to build. Through the process, I have learnt methods of conducting surveys, analysing data, projecting finances and strategizing and writing a business plan.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus


Business Plan


Project Components: one outcome paper, one reflection paper.

Indian Music Expo