Auras Studios Business Plan

Auras Studios Business Plan


Alica Molito



This year, I co-founded a creative agency focused on Augmented Reality experiences for artists. What started as a vision about helping artists reach new fans and build emotional connections has now become an officially registered company taking on first clients and projects. The academic project outcome is a business plan, however my co-founder James Shannon and I spent a significant amount of our time starting and operating the business. This business is combining complementary experience and knowledge of two professionals. While my expertise is rooted in the Creative Direction and Marketing field and the European market, James has experience in Business Development and Sales in the North American market. Our company is registered as “Auras Studios ltd” in the UK. Auras Studios’ main business is the creation of AR filters to be used on social platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and TikTok. Additionally, the company advises artists on their Augmented Reality strategy, offers creative direction for AR campaigns and will help with the filter distribution and data analysis of the AR campaign’s performance. The papers offer a description of the company's business strategy for the next three years.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus


Augmented Reality; Creative Agency; AR; Face filters; AR lens; Creative Direction; Music Marketing; Digital Marketing; Social Media; Innovation; Immersive technology


Project Components: one business plan, one reflection paper, one presentation.

Auras Studios Business Plan