xplör - Music Discovery Platform

xplör - Music Discovery Platform


Garvit Aggarwal



xplör is a Limited Liability Corporation registered in India. In essence, xplör is a music discovery platform for people who are dissatisfied with tracks that are accessed through top charts, recommendations from Digital Service Providers and other recommendation engines. xplör provides a new way of exploring new music - one that aims to remove all biases from the listener’s mind - one that does not discriminate on the grounds of language, genre or content - and one that is global, truly. xplör provides a 30-second preview clip of a carefully curated track each day with a guarantee of exposure to a track that makes the dopamine levels rise. Unlike Spotify, xplör is the best place to discover unbiased, non-mechanized, uncorrelated music from all geographies, genres, languages and styles - while saving time by not getting lost in the noise of 40k tracks being uploaded on a single DSP each day. We like to say that we are like Spotify’s weekly recommendation playlist but with the human curation spirit. The daily tracks are chosen by local curators and music enthusiasts who bring the global perspective while putting forth the track of the day. We ensure that tracks from under-represented and/or minority artists/ languages/ regions are given appropriate spotlight because they deserve to be heard.

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Project Components: one outcome paper, one reflection paper.

xplör - Music Discovery Platform