Creating a Music Region: The grassroots origin of a Nordic music hub

Creating a Music Region: The grassroots origin of a Nordic music hub



My Culminative Experience presents a case study regarding an ongoing collaboration that uses music as a bridge-builder between Sweden and Denmark. The long-term goal of the collaboration is to use music as a tool to unite the population of Nordic countries and create a music hub in the region around the Strait of Øresund. The collaboration started in 2017 between two venues, Kulturværftet (Elsinore, Denmark) and The Tivoli (Helsingborg, Sweden) - They are separated by a thirty minutes ferry ride. From March, 2018 to February, 2020, thirty-one concerts were put together as a result of this collaboration, as well as the music competition, Popkorn Nordic, that is in its third edition. According to Rasmus Schrøder, one of the founders of collaboration, the initiative has already achieved positive results: the flow of people between both cities has increased, both venues have grown their revenue, and the region is starting to be recognized as a music hub. My primary goal with this case study is to evaluate the flow of people between the two cities in those events through data analysis on ticket sales, alongside interviews with major parties involved in this international collaboration. I will contextualize this project within the larger framework of Music City though analysis of the Swedish and Danish Music Ecosystems. A Music City is defined as a place which has a vibrant music economy. According to the report The Mastering of a Music City, “There is growing recognition among governments and other stakeholders that Music Cities can deliver significant economic, employment, cultural and social benefits.” Through the lens of these essential Music City elements it will be possible to identify how this collaboration can efficiently achieve its goals.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus


Nordic; Nordic Countries; Music hub; Music Ecosystem; Music Cities; Music City; Denmark; Sweden; Strait of Øresund; Live Entrainment; Nordic Culture Found; PULS; Elsinore; Helsingør; Helsingborg; Music


Project Components: one outcome paper, one reflection paper.

Creating a Music Region: The grassroots origin of a Nordic music hub