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UwU Entertainment & Mass Media Company


Qianyi Lu



My business plan is inspired by the current business model of a U.S. based mass media company, 88rising, as well as a few other innovative record labels/entertainment/music service companies from all around the world such as Majestic Casual, AWAL, AOMG, YG Entertainment, Believe, and more. My company, UwU, is determined to discover and promote emerging and established Asian artists from across the world. In particular, we aim to valorize those who are targeting the music markets in East Asia and Southeast Asia and with an interest in exporting their music to North America. We also seek to build a network and community for the artists to connect and collaborate with each other all across the world. We serve to incorporate the cultures in Asia and the concept of diversity into music, art, lifestyle and fashion. More importantly, we are dedicated to creating more music export opportunities in Asia, to help up-and-coming talents gain more exposure in the global music market, while simultaneously breaking into different territories. Meanwhile, we also strive to develop more international collaborations between eastern and western artists and music producers in efforts to bridge the gap between east and west.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus


Project Components: one business plan, one reflection paper.

UwU Entertainment & Mass Media Company