Business Plan for Guichao Culture Limited

Business Plan for Guichao Culture Limited



This business plan entails the details of future entertainment company “Guichao Culture Limited”, registering and operating in China. In the course of this business plan and the future operations of “Guichao Culture Limited”, we will aim to reconnect the public, current popular culture, and people in the Chinese music industry with traditional Chinese culture, through offering services to artists with similar beliefs and fostering collaborations with people in other industry who has similar goals. We will redefine “Guofeng” as a new music genre in more rigour and academic way, targeting a relatively barren market focusing on high- quality music and production and creating Guofeng superstars, rather than what the “hit-making machine” way of working that most of the competitors in Guofeng genre are doing currently. We will walk you through the hows and the whys for the creation and execution of “Guichao Culture Limited” while touching on the importance and evolutions of Guofeng music in the bigger society today.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus


Project Components: one outcome paper, one reflection paper.

Business Plan for Guichao Culture Limited