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Women in Music is a non-profit organization founded in 1985 with a mission to advance the awareness, equality, diversity, heritage, opportunities, and cultural aspects of women in the musical arts through education, support, empowerment, and recognition. The organization is a dynamic group of music industry pros working & learning together through educational seminars, panels, showcases and our Touchstone Awards (2019). In addition to the New York City headquarters, the organization has 14 chapters spread across the globe, each in charge of taking local action. The Berklee College of Music Valencia chapter was established in 2017 by a selected group of students from the Global Entertainment and Music Business program. These students handed down the project to Maria Jose Guzman Basilis, who took on the role of Marketing, Sponsorship & Partnership, Tayler Mooney, who took. On the role of Production Manager, and Constanza Rivera Arizabalo, who took on the role of Artistic Curation. These women who along with supervisor Clara Barbera continued to grow the project for the class of 2019.

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Project Components: one reflection paper.

Women In Music