Kilómetro Cero: Música y Comida Local

Kilómetro Cero: Música y Comida Local



The following paper describes the background, objectives, actionable tasks, execution, and challenges of organizing Kilómetro Cero: Música y Comida Local. This event was a one-day music and food festival focused on themes of sustainability and local consumption that occurred on May 20th in La Escuela de Ruzafa. The purpose of this Culminating Experience project was to develop our competency as event promoters. while also creating a meaningful, positive environment for promoting the initiatives of Valencian producers and associations acting on change at a regional scale. In order to execute such an event successfully, many actionable steps were necessary including the development of a visual brand, promotion through both printed and digital media, execution of Facebook campaign tactics, development of various partnerships with local businesses and associations, and, perhaps most importantly, the practice of patience and persistence. Over the course of several months, our understanding of the Valencian culture and people who work to preserve it was enriched through personal connections. We hope this event can continue on in our absence, either through Berklee our other partners we made along our journey.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus


Live events; local economy; farmers market; social entrepreneurship


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Kilómetro Cero: Música y Comida Local