TEDxBerkleeValencia- My Experience as Artistic Coordinator

TEDxBerkleeValencia- My Experience as Artistic Coordinator


Taylor Tobak


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The Artistic Coordinator for TEDxBerkleeValencia 2017 is responsible for leading the creative process from start to finish. Responsibilities include developing the theme and speaker selection, creating promotional materials, analyzing general content, and stage management on the day of the event. The Artistic Coordinator must participate in weekly team and Creative Department meetings to discuss progress, new promotional materials, venue selection, and other artistic aspects. The artistic team makes the incredible experience of TEDxBV a creative and inspirational event for both the audience and the speakers. This position begins in September 2016 and continues through the event on April 29, 2017, as well as after the event to begin working on TEDxBV 2018. As Artistic Coordinator for TEDxBV 2017, I have the amazing experience of participating as one of the main creators of the entire event, and truly making this year’s TEDxBerkleeValencia even better than the last.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus


Project Components: one operational paper, one reflection paper.

TEDxBerkleeValencia- My Experience as Artistic Coordinator