My project is Sessioms, a one stop booking platform that allows you to get all of your musical needs, a place that’s consistent in quality. Every industry is getting acclimated to the digital age but it always seems that the music industry is behind, I want to propose a way to scale word of mouth. Word of mouth is a strong method of networking, this is why every skill of the freelance creatives will need to be verified. This verification will be done through an automated tracking system for each creative who applies. Unlike our competitors we won’t limit ourselves to one side of the industry this is a music all platform all you need to join is to be qualified, and to really be passionate about your career. This project is not feasible because of the risks that are beyond a person’s skill level; things like professionalism and compatibility. These are risks that can ruin the brand of the platform. This company is not solving an issue but more so offering an alternative option to the way the industry operates but my data proved that most people are satisfied with their network system that’s in place now.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus