Sunrise: A Reflection on ZOLA’s Debut EP, Take Off

Sunrise: A Reflection on ZOLA’s Debut EP, Take Off


Daniel Gazzola


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For his culminating experience, Daniel Gazzola, whose producer name is ZOLA, intends to release an Electronic Dance Music (EDM) EP on Soundcloud, and Spotify/ other streaming services through the use of Artists Without A Label (AWAL). This project is about ZOLA developing his artistic voice and style through the production of EDM. The EP will include 4 original tracks, three of which will contain collaborations with vocalists and lyricists. While the end product is a fully produced 4-track EP being released by ZOLA, some other goals include developing a powerful artist presence on social media, and posting photos to keep followers updated with his journey. This is intended to be achieved through the implementation of powerful visuals, using a common theme to tie all social media accounts together and to the released EP. Through the development and growth of his artistic voice and social media presence, ZOLA hopes to establish a strong brand. While these goals are a little more quantitative, a final qualitative goal that ZOLA intends to achieve is to produce music that he himself is proud of and enjoys listening to. He intends to do this through improving his sound design, composition and recording skills.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus

Project Components

Project Components: one project video (.mov), one paper (.pdf), one EP (one ZIP file containing four .wav audio files).

Sunrise: A Reflection on ZOLA’s Debut EP, Take Off