Dub Mix Live Set & VJing

Dub Mix Live Set & VJing


Na Young Joo


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The purpose of this CE is to make three dub live performance sets with VJing by learning and exploring dub mix and DJing skills. The innovative aspects of the project are focused on bringing new elements to Korean classical music. Ableton Live, MIDI controller, DJing skills, and Visual tools were the most useful and inspiring programs and skills acquired during the process. The project is linked to the author’s future plan, which is to widen her ability as a producer and collaborator so she can enrich Korean traditional music by incorporating sounds of dub music and other sub-genres.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus


dub mix; Korean traditional music; DJing skills; VJing; future generation

Project Components

Project Components: one project video (.mp4), one paper (.pdf), one presentation (.pptx), audio tracks (one ZIP file containing 3 .wav audio files), music videos (one ZIP file containing four .mp4 files).

Dub Mix Live Set & VJing