Spatial Illusions

Spatial Illusions


Li-Ying Ooi



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The EP, Spatial Illusions, will be presented in the form of a traditional CD album, but instead of opening up to a compact disc, a pop-up structure will emerge when opening the CD case, and that will be the object that is to be projection mapped with some original music. The music itself will be in a hybrid genre called Melodic Dubstep. This genre was chosen because it embodies the beautiful and lush elements of genres like Trance and Future Bass, but also have the grittiness and the sprightly energy of Dubstep. The music will be accompanied with vivid, vibrant visuals to create a unique audiovisual experience which will be executed via projection mapping. This paper will not only address the different audio and visual aspects of the project, but also the challenges faced and next steps of the EP.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus


projection mapping; video mapping; projectors; melodic dubstep; pop-up; CD case; CD album; abstract; audiovisual

Project Components

Project Components: one paper, project files (ZIP file), one megamix video, audio tracks (ZIP file).

Spatial Illusions