Light Shift (The emergence of an artistic voice)

Light Shift (The emergence of an artistic voice)


Sam Borrello



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This project represents the emergence of the artist BPad through the creation of a 9- track album. The album is entitled Light Shift and it is an instrumental beat tape inspired by multiple musical styles including jazz, hip hop and flamenco. It represents a transition for BPad from sample-based production to live instrumentation. The title refers to a shift in environment for the artist as well as to changes in musical approach and lifestyle. Light Shift can be broken down as follows: 6 full-length tracks, introduction, outro and interlude. It uses varied instrumentation including: harp, keyboards, electric and acoustic guitars, electric bass, piano, synthesizers, turntables and saxophones. The project makes liberal use of resampling which is defined as: “A feature of some samplers which allows the performer to assemble one or more patches and samples, possibly with layering and effects and then play notes while the sampler simultaneously records new samples of the played notes.”1 This album was composed and recorded using the Digital Audio Workstation or (DAW) Ableton Live. Using Ableton was one of the many challenges that the artist faced during the creation of this album.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus


resample; recording console; flamenco

Project Components

Project Components: one project video, one reflection paper, one presentation, one album (ZIP file containing 9 .wav aduio files).

Light Shift (The emergence of an artistic voice)