REvive: A Livestream Performance

REvive: A Livestream Performance


Paige Shephard



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This creative project takes live performance methods and techniques often found in electronic music and applies them to genres where it’s not usually seen, namely, soul, funk and gospel music. Further, it incorporates live and prerecorded elements into the performance in an engaging way as a result of social distance measures. In order to execute this project properly, further skill development will have to occur in the artist taking on multiple roles of creative director, playback engineer, producer, music director, and performer. The scope of the project includes becoming fluent in Pro Tools, achieving a live stream setup that works on an individual basis, producing writing and arranging songs, assembling a band or choir, rehearsing, putting on a live performance, and having that be captured and shared in high quality. There is much to gain in learning about what goes into a live performance, recording/streaming of performances, and the identity of the musician themselves. Future iterations include continuing to record performances and upload them to social media as well as apply production and engineering skills to others’ concerts.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus

Project Components

Project Components: project video (.mp4), reflection paper (.pdf), presentation (.pdf), livestream performance video (.mp4), songs (ZIP file containing 3 .wav audio files).

REvive: A Livestream Performance