Quantum Entanglement

Quantum Entanglement


Yatharth Sharma



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This project was created to to showcase the psychology behind the artist’s music and in particular, the sounds used to create the EP using custom synth presets, custom wavetables and a collection of custom high quality processed sample recordings. This project was designed to be focused on sound design to achieve unique sounds that fit the requirements of the 4 track EP which will be created using custom sounds specifically. The main creative idea behind this project was derived from the concept of “Quantum Entanglement”from the field of Quantum Physics which is a physical phenomenon that occurs when a pair or group of particles is generated, interact, or share spatial proximity in a way such that the quantum state of each particle of the pair or group cannot be described independently of the state of the others, including when the particles are separated by a large distance. The artist being from an Indian Classical Music background tends to inculcate rhythms and melodies from the music form blending with electronic sound elements. This project thrives solely on the kind and variety of sounds applied into complex rhythmic structures and melodies to make Experimental Indie-Electronic tracks which simply explain the idea of Quantum Entanglement by depicting the uniqueness of all the sounds which may seem far from each other but still come together to form renditions which are one in themselves and hold in unity.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus


EP; Quantum Entanglement; Indian Classical Music; Experimental Indie-Electronic Music; Sound Design

Project Components

Project Components: project video (.mp4), reflection paper (.pdf), EP (ZIP file containing 6 .wav audio files).

Quantum Entanglement