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My culminating experience has been a collaborative effort between myself and three other peers, where each half of our group represented the MPTI class and the other half from the Global Entertainment & Music Business (GEMB) class. The MPTI students consisted of Aly Haddad and I as the creative participants. The GEMB students consisted of Brielle Blount and Alicia Callier as the marketing and event coordinators. Máquinas Y Máscaras was a multimedia immersive event that bridged the world of fashion with the music industry. We developed an interactive space with the local store Santo Spirito Vintage (SSV) that displayed 90s vintage street wear accompanied by music and art installations. The overall concept of the event was to have two representations of “classes” that spectators could identify with in a world dominated by Machines & Masks. The machines represent the musical component that is operated by the mechanical turntable and the masks represent the clothing and fashion component merging into a cohesive atmosphere.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus

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Project Components: one paper.


Project Components: one paper.

Becoming a DJ: Turn the Wheels of Evolution