Máquinas y Máscaras


Máquinas y Máscaras


Aly Haddad


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My culminating experience is creating a multimedia body of work to be featured and presented as part of a particular immersive event titled Máquinas y Máscaras (“Machines and Masks”). Our primary goal when curating this event was to bridge the world of fashion with the music industry using media that already exist in each field. To fully realize the concept, we partnered with Santo Spirito Vintage, a Valencian boutique located in Barrio El Carmen. One of our main focuses was to bring groups of people with some shared interest to an event hosted at a local store. The theme and framework of the event was built around three “classes” to appeal to a wide range of potential audience members. The first class is Machine, targeted to individuals who are attracted to and fascinated by technology. The second is Masked, targeted to individuals who express themselves through music. The final is SSV (Santo Spirito Vintage), targeted at individuals interested in 80s and 90s streetwear.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus


Project Components: one project video, one paper, audio tracks (one ZIP file containing two WAV files and one AIFF file)

Máquinas y Máscaras