Daniel Babai


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For my culminating experience, I would like to create an album of electronic music that builds on music I am already making but focuses on the concept of what it is like to have a speech impediment. I plan on making this album mostly instrumental, with a few guest artists mostly in the form of vocalists. I would like this album to be composed of eight songs total, and progress in chronological order of my experience as a stutterer. As is true with any struggle humans have to overcome, I have had a lot of ups and downs, thus there will be a lot of tension and release throughout the album. With the release of this album, I would like to have physical releases with my label, MelodySoul, as well as have a music video that I direct and edit for the “single” of the record. As an artist, I am a hip-hop and Neo-Soul producer, focusing on vibey grooves with hard hitting drums and vintage-sounding keyboard and synthesizer sounds. I would like to further expand my repertoire by adding new-age bass sounds, focusing heavily on intricate sound design to this record. Combining easy-going grooves with hard-cutting bass will also help illustrate the drastic changes in the my ups and downs of my speech impediment.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus


Project Components: one project video, one report, one album (one ZIP file containing six WAV files and one PNG file), templates (ZIP file), and samples (ZIP file).