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Project W/A\V


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Project W/A\V began like any innovation, as a solution to a problem. As a violinist, I wondered how I could implement electronics into my own performances. I toyed around with guitar pedals and ran into a couple of major problems. My largest concern was that the effects that I wanted to use were static. What if I wanted to make a filter sweep? What if I wanted to change the size of my reverb? What If I wanted to change the rate of my tremolo? What if I wanted to mix the signals of each effect? I would have to stop playing, reach down at my pedalboard and change those settings, and even then, the effects would stay unwavering. With this in mind I began to research more into what was already available at the time within modern electronic music. I was enamored of the flexibility that some of my favorite DJ’s had with their sound. They were able to manipulate the sound in every which way possible. I was envious, and I decided that that type of flexibility would be something the I would like to implement to the instrument that I know, the violin. My goal with project W/A\V is to be a developer in the world of electro-acoustic music by shedding new light on a fresh way to manipulate an acoustic instrument live. With a growing audience for progressive modern music. With our growing knowledge of music and technology and a expanding taste for electronic music in the mainstream, this only seems to be an appropriate and strong step forward in the world of electro-acoustic music and new music as a whole.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus


Project Components: one project video, one report, one rider, one song, one score, project files (one ZIP file containing four .asd files, four. mp4 files, two .amxd files, and one .cfg file).

Project W/A\V