THE CELNATIC EXPERIENCE: Celtic + Carnatic music


THE CELNATIC EXPERIENCE: Celtic + Carnatic music


Shruti Kumar


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It is rarely that phenomenon takes place in this world. In the world of Indian art music, the advent of trinity changed the course & perception of music. This project is my initiative to revive the famous compositions of Shri Muthuswami Dikshitar, a famous composer of Carnatic Indian classical music whose compositions are famous and he has left behind a legacy to cherish. As a project I want to lay my hands on the publications of C.P.Brown (1833) and that of Manali Chinnaswami Mudaliar (1893) and create a fusion performance of this using the school ensemble, fusing the vocals with piano, western strings and wind international rhythms maintaining the original identity and spirit of the compositions. I would like to take up this project due to my predilection towards this field of art, this genre of music. This project is a collaboration with Ms. Sahana Kumar from the Global entertainment & Music Business program who will be heading the management aspects of this project- dealing with event management, marketing and production activities throughout the process. We have kept Sporting Club Russafa as a probable venue to perform.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus


Project Components: one project video, one reflection paper, one presentation, music tracks (one ZIP file containing seven WAV audio files), sheet music (PDF).

THE CELNATIC EXPERIENCE: Celtic + Carnatic music