ONAI: An Ethereal Journey

ONAI: An Ethereal Journey


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ONAI is an audio/visual duo that makes Electronic Bass music, combining complex soundscapes with captivating visual narratives. ONAI guides the listener through a journey that is carefully curated by both members of the group who specialize in audio and visual live performance. ONAI is pushing the envelope by experimenting with crowd reactive technologies, and harnessing the energy of the audience to enhance the A/V experience.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus

Project Components

Project Components: one project video (.mp4), one paper (.pdf), one presentation (.pptx), one EP (one ZIP file containing five .wav audio files), sample library (one ZIP file containing 16 .mov files, 86 .alc files, one .adg file, 79 .asd files, 79 .wav audio files, two .cfg file, one. als file).

ONAI: An Ethereal Journey