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Intangible discoveries can be obtained through the thought provoking frequencies of rhythm and poetry. Once melodic dynamics and subtle elements arise, there exists an infinite force in the eyes of the beholder. Mindful by Amato PM is a conscious hip-hop/rap album that has a clear and concise focus: to elicit inner greatness. The various layers to this concept are expressed both lyrically and sonically throughout the long playing. The intention is for the record to be played throughout, while each track blends to form a larger movement. Each stands on it’s own two feet, but the full listen through generally brings forth a more transparent version of the artist’s vision. It is our daily actions that define who we are as a person. The jagged slope of life, with ups and downs, allow for us to discover new concepts, practices, and habits. These days then make up the time we spend in the world have. Chance is quite a powerful concept, which makes an appearance in Mindful through the compositional structure and generative tactics. Other topics, such as astronomy, philosophy, and mathematics, also state cases in several tracks. It seems as if the topics each play their role in the larger matter or in better expression the motivation as a whole. It is as if you can sense the ocean’s waves flowing in your veins, when the light bleeds through and you change your ways. Dream. For a dream is never false, unless you deem it so.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus

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Project Components: one voiceover video (.mp4), one reflection paper (.pdf), one album (one ZIP file containing one .pdf document and nine .wav audio files).