The Eldritch Truth: Lovecraft’s Legacy

The Eldritch Truth: Lovecraft’s Legacy


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The whole purpose of this reflective paper was to break down every single aspect of what I did in the culminating experience of the Scoring for Film, Television and Video Games Master’s program in Berklee Valencia campus. I took in account several advices I had from my directed studies teacher and supervisor Lucio Godoy, and quoted them in order to show how the preparation of the project was. I analyzed and reviewed in detail all the references, inspirations and influences I used to bring this project to life, focusing specifically in the works of American horror fiction writer Howard Phillips Lovecraft and the story and universe of Sony’s PS4 2015 video game Bloodborne. The preparation of this project was vast and extense, where I reflected and analyzed my progress, all throughout its creation, a lot. I centralized this document mostly in the process of settling down all my ideas and explaining my personal investigation through Lovecraft horror stories and the video game’s plot in order to write an original horror story within the Bloodborne universe and, as well, the creation of the London piece. Finalizing with the description of my own personal experience assisting to Lyndhurst AIR Studios in London and conducting in front of a 51 musicians orchestra, mixing the whole piece with the help of teacher Pablo Schuller, and doing the final delivery. This paper also contains lots of contemplation of my own strengths and weakness, from the best moments of the process of composition, to the very worst and frustrating experiences I had to overcome in order to finish the last project.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus

The Eldritch Truth: Lovecraft’s Legacy