From Student to Professional

From Student to Professional


Beau Schaepman



The power of improvement is in many cases a process of flow in a subconscious mindset. Humanity learns by experiencing new scenarios in a practical environment and by shared wisdom provided by experts in (master)classes, books, internet, and other theoretical sources. But to truly master the craft of a profession, it takes dedication, awareness and control. In this paper, I will describe the whole process from being a starting Berklee SFTV1- Student to a fully prepared professional Film, Television and/or Videogame composer. With as cherry on the cake the final result of the music I have made for the game ‘The White Raven’, which is recorded in the AIR Studios in London. I am going to share my experiences, thoughts and feelings based on the successes and failures of this year. Information about acquisition, networking, inspiration, music composition, music preparation, conducting, recording and post- production are included in this paper. Primarily the information written in this paper could be useful for aspiring (starting) musicians, who would like to know more about what it takes to be a composer for Film, Television and/or Videogames.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus


Game-audio; portfolio; creative project; synthchestration; hybrid composition

From Student to Professional