Look To The East

Look To The East


Luke Celenza



Composition for visual media is a multifaceted practice. I have learned that it requires many different skill-sets spread across several parts of the process. Establishing oneself within these industries is the culmination of years of study, practice, and probably a bit of luck too. In addition to this, creating a professional film, television show, or game, requires teams of people, each an expert in their own respective field who have come together to produce something. It is the marriage of these different people; the musicians, conductors, engineers, editors, and many more, who bring our compositions to life, and eventually, onwards to the big screen. In roughly the first third of this thesis I have chosen to not so briefly highlight some of my musical past, leading up to arriving in Valencia at Berklee’s Campus. I feel that the journey that has led me here, like everyone else, is unique to me, and has helped to shape the kind of composer and person that I am. In the second two-thirds or so, I have explained my process for creating my Culminating Experience Project, from selecting a scene, analyzing the score of the original, and finding ways to best navigate it on my own through a combination of insight new and old. Mostly, the cue I wrote stems from intuition, drawing on harmonic and melodic ideas that could have come from any number of influences soaked up over the years. I like to think that everything can be an opportunity to learn, grow, and better oneself when approached with the right attitude. I do my utmost to take new things and add them to my ever-brewing stew of musical information. The key after that, is to figure out how to strain out the bits that go together best when pouring that stew into a bowl. Because the goal is certainly not to have a stew with every ingredient in the world, the goal is equally not to write something with every idea you’ve ever learned. I believe therein lies the kind of musical maturity that can only come with experience and intuition.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus


Film Scoring; Recording; Creative Project; Orchestration; Mockup; Mixing; Composition; Film Music

Look To The East