Spellsouls - Duel of Legends Cinematic

Spellsouls - Duel of Legends Cinematic


Ana Krstajic


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This paper describes the preparation for composing, conducting and recording my final project for my Master’s in Scoring for Film, Television and Video Games at Berklee College of Music. This project was important for me because it represents all of what I learned during the course of the year. It shows my progress as a composer of film music, orchestrator and conductor. I came to Berklee with my main area of expertise being contemporary music so it was important to me to try my hand at a new genre and to see whether or not film music would be a got fit for me. To achieve my goal I examined scores, studied orchestration from the masters, I analyzed music from movies and practiced conducting both my own music and that from famous films. The culmination of which was the delivery of video with music written to picture and recorded at Air studios in London. At the conclusion of the project I had gained a huge amount of technical knowledge in the field of film scoring. I am proficient in writing, sequencing, recording and mixing my music and am now prepared for a career as a composer in the Film Industry.

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Valencia (Spain) Campus


Film scoring; composition; conducting; recording; music for video games

Spellsouls - Duel of Legends Cinematic