A Pilot Analysis of the Psychological Themes Found During the Caring at Columbia-music Therapy Program With Refugee Adolescents from North Korea


Journal of Music Therapy




The purpose of this study was to identify the psychological themes found during the modified CARING at Columbia-Music Therapy (CAC-MT) program with refugee adolescents from North Korea. Nine students attending an alternative school participated in this study. Academically, students belong to an equivalent middle school level. Students participated in a music therapy program comprised of 25 sessions. A multiple case analysis was conducted to gather qualitative results. Students were found to be exposed to various psychosocially stressful life situations such as lack of social support system, family separation, academic difficulty, and economic hardship throughout their adaptation process to their new country. There were 5 common psychological themes-avoidance, distrust, loneliness, feelings of loss, and fear-found among the refugee students over the course of the CAC-MT treatment. For future research, studies with a larger sample size and differing types of session structure should be conducted to closely examine the effects of this program on refugee adolescents. [PUBLICATION ABSTRACT]

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Adolescents; Fear; Mental Health; Music Therapy; Social Isolation; Stress

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Studies; Children & youth; Social skills; Theory; Child & adolescent psychiatry; Mental disorders; Nutrition research; Cultural change; North Korea; Adolescent Psychology; Democratic People's Republic of Korea; Pilot Projects; Students; Attitude to Health; Adolescents; Counseling; Adaptation, Psychological; Stress Disorders, Post-Traumatic; Survivors; Adolescent Behavior; Refugees

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Case Study; Qualitative Methods

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