The effectiveness of a manualized hip-hop and rap intervention on well-being among black emerging adult men: A multiple baseline design


Journal of Poetry Therapy




ABSTRACT In this study, I used single case research, specifically, multiple baseline design to test the effectiveness of implement the reading of hip-hop and rap lyrics in mental health counseling. Data was collected through self-reported assessments to demonstrate causation between variables. The assessment tools consist of Outcomes Rating Scale, Satisfaction with Life Scale, and Sessions Rating Scale. There were five Black and African American college-aged men between ages 18 and 24. The results provided evidence supporting the use of hip-hip and rap music intervention to enrich the wellbeing among the population. The purpose of this research study, which was part of my dissertation, was to provide an overview of current empirical research utilizing hip-hop and rap in counseling, create a manual to assist with implementing hip-hop and rap as a treatment intervention, and test the effectiveness of the treatment intervention to assist counselors with a new cultural based intervention. (PsycInfo Database Record (c) 2023 APA, all rights reserved)

Music and Health Institute Terms

Mental Health; Wellness and Well-being; Psychological Outcomes; Subjective Methods; Young Adults; Racial Disparities; Music Therapy; Receptive Music Methods; Song Lyric Discussion

Indexed Terms

Intervention; African American men; Black men; Blacks; Counseling; Emerging Adulthood; hip-hop; intervention; multiple baseline design; rap lyrics; Single case research; Well Being; wellbeing

Study Type

Quasi-Experimental Study; Quantiative Methods

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