Polyphonic perspectives: A focus group study of interprofessional staff’s perceptions of music therapy at an inpatient unit for children in mental health care


International Journal of Qualitative Studies on Health and Well-being




Purpose: In an inpatient unit for children in mental health care, a variety of services are provided through interprofessional collaborations. Music therapy is a relatively recent proposition in this context, but there is increasing acceptance for music therapy as a therapeutic method. However, there is limited knowledge about music therapy in this field, and this study aims to address this research gap. Method: Through focus group interviews with staff at an inpatient unit in mental health care for children, this article explores interprofessional perspectives of music therapy. A thematic analysis with an inductive approach informed by constructivist grounded theory was used in the analysis of the interviews. Findings: Several dimensions were involved in the findings, concerning the children and the interprofessional collaboration. The two main categories that emerged were: 'What music therapy offers the children' and 'What music therapy contributes to the interprofessional understanding of the children'. Conclusion: The interprofessional perspectives of music therapy revealed potentials for emotion regulation, and experience of identity and freedom for the children. As part of the integrated services, music therapy provided a new perspective of the child and enhanced relationship between the child and the health services. (PsycInfo Database Record (c) 2023 APA, all rights reserved)

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Mental Health; Emotional Functioning; Healthcare Professionals; Children; Mental Health Setting; Music Therapy

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Children; Child Psychotherapy; Collaboration; Focus group interviews; Health Personnel Attitudes; Interprofessional perspectives; Mental Health; Mental health care

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