Extremely Fragile: Playing With Care! a Study on Music Therapy's Application With Young Patients Suffering from Drug Addiction


Nordic Journal of Music Therapy




Introduction: The authors propose a study on music therapy's application to patients suffering from drug addiction admitted in a therapeutic community. Methods: In a period of 20 months, corresponding to 80 weekly sessions, the emotional states of participants (n = 54 males) are examined through technical analysis of individual sessions and in parallel the compilation of 20 individual monthly VAS questionnaire before and after each session (VAS questionnaire = 40). The proposed items have before and after each session (VAS questionnaire = 40). The proposed items have the rehabilitation of this clinical setting: Rage, Anxiety, Loneliness, Confidence and Awareness of own emotional state. The music therapy approach used in this context is mainly based on intersubjective psychological theories and allows for "affect attunement" moments. Results/conclusion: The results of the study suggest that music therapy can lead to a real change of internal states especially for items relevant to Rage, Anxiety and Confidence in the group. [PUBLICATION ABSTRACT]

Music and Health Institute Terms

Anger; Anxiety; Drug Use, Abuse and Addiction; Emotional Functioning; Inpatient Rehabilitation; Mood; Music Listening; Music Medicine; Questionnaires; Recorded Music Listening; Self-Concept; Self-Report Measures; Substance Use, Abuse and Addiction; Visual Analog Scale (VAS)

Indexed Terms

Drug abuse; Analysis; Emotions

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Case Study; Qualitative Methods

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