Successful Guidance by Automatic Output of Music and Verbal Messages for Daily Behavioural Disturbances of Three Individuals With Dementia


Neuropsychological Rehabilitation




There have been no previous reports of daily home activities of individuals with dementia being guided by the combination of music and verbal messages. This study evaluated the effectiveness for three individuals of music and messages which were automatically output by an IC recorder. After music was presented, messages instructed the participants to go to a day care centre, behave more peacefully and eat more at meals, respectively. These stimuli were highly effective for guiding the above activities. This study suggests that automatic output of music and messages has potential as a strategy for guiding individuals with dementia at their home. For the third individual, the music and messages were output through a doll. The implications of using a doll are also discussed.

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Adult Day Care; Alzheimer's and Related Dementias; Elderly; Home Setting; Mental Health; Music in Combination with Other Techniques; Neurodegenerative Disorders

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Activities of Daily Living; Elderly; Caregivers; Dementia; Mental Disorders; Neuropsychological Tests; Tape Recording

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Case Study; Qualitative Methods

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