Effects of Listening to Music and Practicing Physical Exercise on Functional and Cognitive Aspects in Institutionalized Older Adults With Dementia: Pilot Study


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AIM: Determine the effects of listening to music and practicing physical exercise on functional and cognitive aspects in institutionalized older adults with dementia. METHODS: A randomized clinical pilot trial was conducted involving 17 institutionalized older adults with moderate to advanced dementia. The participants were allocated to two groups: training with music (TWM) and training without music (TWtM). The TWtM group performed light exercises with a focus on mobility. The TWM group was initially submitted to a cognitive stimulus with music, followed by the same exercises as those performed in the TWtM Group. Sessions were held once a week for 12 weeks. Functional and cognitive assessments were performed at baseline and after the 12-week intervention. RESULTS: No significant differences in functional or cognitive performance were found between groups or evaluation times. Both groups maintained their performances after 12 weeks. CONCLUSIONS: Listening to music combined with physical exercise training did not exert an effect on functional or cognitive performance in institutionalized older adults with moderate to advanced dementia.

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Alzheimer's and Related Dementias; Cognitive Abilities; Elderly; Music and Exercise; Music Listening; Neurodegenerative Disorders; Physical Exercise

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Elderly; Cognition; Dementia; Exercise; Pilot Projects; Cognitive stimuli; Dementia; Physical exercise

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Randomized Controlled; Trial; Quantitative Methods

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