Evaluations of Dementia by EEG Frequency Analysis and Psychological Examination


Journal of Physiological Sciences




In order to evaluate the stage of dementia, we focused attention on EEG rhythms and Hasegawa-dementia-rating scale (HDS-R). Frontal EEGs were recorded from dementia patients and normal controls during music and photo-image stimulations, and frequency analysis was performed. In the controls, profiles of rhythm pattern during music stimulation seemed to be markedly different from those during photo-image stimulation. In contrast, in dementia patients, it was difficult to find those differences. Interestingly, as HDS-R decreases, the variability of rhythm patterns also decreases. These results suggest that a decrease in cognitive function might be related to a decrease in the ability to generate various cortical rhythm patterns.

Music and Health Institute Terms

Alzheimer's and Related Dementias; Cognitive Abilities; Elderly; Music Listening; Neurodegenerative Disorders; Noninvasive Procedures

Indexed Terms

Elderly; Brain Waves; Cerebral Cortex; Dementia; Electroencephalography; Neuropsychological Tests; Photic Stimulation; Severity of Illness Index

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Randomized Controlled; Trial; Quantitative Methods

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