The Effect of Self-selected Soothing Music on Fistula Puncture-related Pain in Hemodialysis Patients


Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice




OBJECTIVE: This study was intended to examine the effect of selective soothing music on fistula puncture-related pain in hemodialysis patients. MATERIALS AND METHODS: This is a randomized clinical trial in which 114 participants were selected from two hemodialysis units by means of a non-random, convenience sampling method. The participants were then allocated in three groups of music (N = 38), headphone (N = 38), and control (N = 38). The fistula puncture-related pain was measured 1 min after venipuncture procedure in all three groups. The music group listened to their self-selected and preferred music 6 min before needle insertion into a fistula until the end of procedure. The headphone group wore a headphone alone without listening to music 6 min before needle insertion into a fistula until the end of procedure. The control group did not receive any intervention from the research team during needle insertion into a fistula. The pain intensity was measured immediately after the intervention in all three groups. RESULTS: This study showed a significant difference between the music and control groups, and the music and headphone groups in terms of the mean pain score after the intervention. However, the analysis did not indicate any significant difference between the headphone and control groups with regard to the mean pain score after the intervention. CONCLUSION: It is concluded that music can be used effectively for pain related to needle insertion into a fistula in hemodialysis patients. Future research should investigate the comparative effects of pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions on fistula puncture-related pain.

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Dialysis; Hospital Setting; Hospitalized Patients; Invasive Medical Procedures; Music Listening; Music Medicine; Pain; Pain Management and Control; Pain Score or Rating; Procedural Pain; Recorded Music Listening; Self-Report Measures

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Fistula; Needles; Pain; Pain Management; Pain Measurement; Punctures; Renal Dialysis; Hemodialysis; Pain related to needle insertion into a fistula; Soothing music

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Randomized Controlled Trial; Quantitative Methods

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