The Effects of Researcher-composed Music at Mealtime on Agitation in Nursing Home Residents With Dementia


Archives of Psychiatric Nursing




This study examined the effects of music at mealtimes on agitation in 22 nursing home residents with dementia. We used a pretest-posttest research design. We played researcher-composed music to residents at each of two mealtimes daily over a consecutive 4-week period. We observed and recorded agitation 24 hours daily for the 4-week period and the following 2-week period. Results revealed a significant decline in mean agitation scores. A cumulative dose effect and a short-term linger effect were observed. Findings suggest that soothing music may be beneficial in managing agitation in nursing home residents with dementia.

Music and Health Institute Terms

Distress; Elderly; Music Listening; Music Medicine; Neurodegenerative Disorders; Nursing Home; Psychological Outcomes; Quality of Life; Recorded Music Listening

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Elderly; Elderly; Alzheimer Disease; Dementia; Feeding Behavior; Nursing Homes; Psychomotor Agitation; Time Factors

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Quantitative Methods; Quasi-Experimental Study

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