Comparing Effects Between Music Intervention and Aromatherapy on Anxiety of Patients Undergoing Mechanical Ventilation in the Intensive Care Unit: A Randomized Controlled Trial


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PURPOSE: Using patient-reported outcomes and physiological indicators to test the effects of music intervention and aromatherapy on reducing anxiety for intensive care unit (ICU) patients undergoing mechanical ventilation. METHODS: Patients with ICU admission duration >24 h were randomly assigned to a Music intervention group (n?=?41), Aromatherapy group (n?=?47), or Control group (rest only; n?=?44). Each patient in the Music group listened to music; each patient in the Aromatherapy group received lavender essential oil massage on his/her back for 5 min; each patient in the Control group wore noise-canceling headphones. Anxiety was measured using the Chinese version of the Stage-Trait Anxiety Inventory (C-STAI) and the Visual Analogue Scale for Anxiety (VAS-A) at baseline, post-test, and 30-min follow-up. Heart rate, breathing rate, and blood pressure were measured every 10 min from baseline to the 30-min follow-up. RESULTS: The Music group had significantly better post-test VAS-A and C-STAI scores, and had lower heart rate and blood pressure than the Control group. The Aromatherapy group had significantly better VAS-A score and lower heart rate than the Control group. The 30-min follow-up showed that both Music and Aromatherapy groups had lower heart rate and blood pressure than the Control group. CONCLUSIONS: Music and aromatherapy interventions were both effective for ICU patients. The effects of music intervention were greater than that of aromatherapy; both interventions maintained the effects for at least 30 min.

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Anxiety; Anxiety Scales; Blood Pressure; Critically Ill; Heart Rate; Hospital Setting; Hospitalize; Intensive Care Unit (ICU); Mechanical Ventilation; Music Listening; Music Medicine; Psychological Outcomes; Self-Report Measures; Visual Analog Scale (VAS)

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Anxiety; Anxiety Disorders; Aromatherapy; Intensive Care Units; Quality of Life; Respiration, Artificial; Anxiety; Aromatherapy; Intensive care unit; Music intervention; Ventilation

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Quantitative Methods; Randomized Controlled Trial

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