In-home Online Music-based Intervention for Stress, Coping, and Depression Among Family Caregivers of Persons With Dementia: A Pilot Study

H. Kim
G. Engström
T. Theorell
H. Hallinder
A. Emami


Little is known about how music affects family caregivers who provide care to persons with dementia at home. We examined the effects of an 8-week online music-based intervention on self-reported stress, coping, and depression among dementia family caregivers. Mann-Whitney U test and Wilcoxon signed-ranked tests were performed to examine between- and within-group differences between intervention (n = 24) and comparison (n = 11) groups from baseline to post-test. The coping subscale yielded a significant difference between the groups at post-test (U=76.50, Z=-1.978, p=0.048), indicating the intervention group had better coping than the comparison group at post-test. Significant within-group differences in overall stress (Z=-2.200, p=0.028) and coping subscale (Z=-1.997, p=0.046) in the comparison group at post-test suggest that overall stress and coping were maintained throughout the study in the intervention group, whereas the comparison group had higher overall stress and lower coping at post-test. Our in-home music-based intervention showed potential benefits for dementia family caregivers.