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Welcome to the 2020-2021 Berklee Factbook. The factbook is released annually by the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment as an accessible resource for official Berklee statistics. As always, I encourage you to engage with the data in the factbook and use it to expand your knowledge of the institution and inform decision-making and planning. Several items to note this year: While the increasing overall enrollment trend of the past several years reversed this year due to the impact of Covid, this trend was not universal. Certain programs had steady enrollment and even increased enrollment compared to last year (see pages 25–52 for year-overyear trends), and Berklee Online showed record enrollment growth (page 29). I also invite you to view page five in the enrollment section, new this year, in which we expanded prior required definitions of race, ethnicity, and gender to be more inclusive.

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Data; Student Enrollment; Retention; Graduation Rates; Programming; Tuition; Degrees; Trends; Demographics


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2020-2021 Berklee Factbook

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