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Howard Shore


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Howard Shore B.M. '69 '08H will be back in Boston on April 19 to hear more than 200 musicians perform his epic The Lord of the Rings Symphony at Boston's Symphony Hall as part of the Signature Series at Berklee. Adapted from the composer's Oscar-winning scores for The Lord of the Rings trilogy, the epic six-movement piece for orchestra and choir will feature the 100-piece Berklee Contemporary Symphony Orchestra, an 80-piece Berklee choir, Voices Boston, a 40-piece children's choir, and conductor Markus Huber.

"I'm delighted that Berklee is now playing the piece and joining this long list of great orchestras that have performed it," Shore said.

Shore joins us from his studio in New York to talk about the upcoming performance of his symphony, how he conceived of the opus, one of his favorite cues from The Lord of the Rings, and lessons he'll share with students at a clinic the day after the event.

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