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By Rob Hochschild April 12, 2012

By the time alumnus Matt McArthur graduated from Berklee, he had a two-pronged goal: to advance independent record-making and revitalize youth music education. So in 2009, he founded The Record Company, a professional, nonprofit recording studio that has proven to be, just as he envisioned, a haven for indie musicians and teenage students looking for immersive studio experiences. Music Production and Engineering Department faculty member Susan Rogers joined the effort, and helped McArthur make The Record Company an important new player in recording and community music education.

After a recent visit to The Record Company facility, Tony Brown—radio show host and manager of Berklee's internet radio station, the BIRN—and student DJ Gabriela Jimeno interviewed McArthur and Rogers. Learn more about The Record Company from an excerpt of that interview, edited for the Inside Berklee podcast.

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