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Producer Andrew Sarlo ’11 is having a moment right now. Over the past few years the music production and engineering alumnus has produced every album by break-out indie band Big Thief, and he's worked on releases by Empress Of, Nick Hakim B.M. ’13, and many other artists. And this year, two of the critically acclaimed albums he worked on, Bon Iver’s i,i and Big Thief’s U.F.O.F., on the latter of which he was the sole producer, received Grammy nominations for Best Alternative Music Album.

In the latest episode of Sounds of Berklee, we spoke with Sarlo about his production philosophy—which is more people-focused than gear-focused—and about his journey from recording a Bon Iver sound-alike track for a Berklee class to playing a crucial role in producing the opening song on the band’s new record. You’ll also hear about Sarlo's work on the upcoming Buck Meek B.M. ’10 album, and he’ll explain why it’s maybe not such a good idea to produce two albums for one band over the course of just a couple months—unless that band is Big Thief.


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